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Sales 3.0   A New Generation of Selling.

Selling today looks much different.  (Hello Sales 3.0)

It's not enough to have a great product and service, or even a great solution.

Your buyer wants to be the hero of their story. It's your job to deliver. 

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Take Control of Your Sales Performance.


Our clients come to us when they need leadership,  insight and training that quickly and expertly busts through plateaus, turns around declining sales and leverages in house talent.


They recognize legacy methods and language will not create growth.   The know the value of strategic changes that drive revenue, reach, client & employee retention.


What Your Business Needs Now:  Inclusive Sales Training


A diverse team supported by an inclusive environment that values each individual, including leadership and language has been proven to increase performance, retention and revenue. 


Inclusive language opens the doors to engaging new customers and increasing sales. That’s because customers are more likely to engage with a company when they feel represented.


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"Cynthia's insight and guidance is priceless. I just secured a $650K project after being convinced for years "I wasn't a sales person". "

Christi Helsel Botello
Senior Director, Triggers

Organizations & Entrepreneurs

We provide innovative and inclusive techniques for sales leaders and teams to fully capitalize on their personal attributes, professional success and unique flair. 

We deliver inclusive sales:
  • Leadership & Team Training
  • Coaching
  • Audit & Optimization Services

Our Goal is to enable companies, leaders, teams and entrepreneur's  to sell and lead with vision, strategy and skills specifically designed for people doing business now.



Optimizing opportunites

High performing companies know the value of training; Growth,Vision and Purpose

The data shows the dramatic affect training and coaching can have on organizations & employee performance, satisfaction and productivity.

Now imagine  this as a permanent change.

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companies report an increase in productivity with better processes and skills.
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reported increase in sales performance with training.
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more satisfied on the job.
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increase in professional identification

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